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Car Crash Repairs

Although nobody knows when or where a car crash might happen, you can be assured that if you are in this unfortunate position, the authorised professional panel beaters at St Kilda Village are the Australian experts you can rely on.

We specialise in the quality crash repairs on prestige cars, and we know how to bring yours back to its pristine condition after a crash. We can assure the proud owners of prestige brands including Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, and Audi that repairing your car of distinction is our aim in life.

Our diligent and professional panel beaters are careful to ensure the quality and safety of your car by using genuine parts, and the right equipment and craftsmanship for an exact fit and exceptional standard of vehicle crash repair services.

Looking for the best, high-quality local car crash repairs?

St Kilda Village panel beaters are the experts in providing quality repairs, specialising in prestige cars and servicing Melbourne, South Melbourne, Malvern & surrounding areas.



St Kilda Village technicians are professional, skilled and highly qualified, with ongoing and advanced training to ensure that paintwork and body repairs are carried out with the utmost commitment, care and precision. Whether your car has only a minor scratch or dent, or you’ve been involved in a major car crash, make sure you choose an authorised repairer such as St Kilda Village to do the work.

If you need quality crash repairs for your damaged car and you’re searching online for ‘crash repairs near me’ or ‘around my area’ and you live in the nearby greater Melbourne area, search for St Kilda Village panel beaters. Our panel beating technicians are highly trained in crash repairs of prestige cars and our workshop meets our rigid standards for quality, safety and integrity.


We also have the latest and the best equipment to provide the highest possible vehicle repair standard. We offer free courtesy cars and a lifetime guarantee of all our auto body repair services. Call us today to request a quote on (03) 9510 9037 or fill in the convenient online form.