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Car Dent Removal and Repair

For professional car dent removal and repair services you can trust, choose none other than the panel beating experts at St Kilda Village. Our technicians are extremely well-versed on how to  repair and remove a range of different car and vehicle dents properly, promptly and effectively. Our services cover both standard and luxury/prestige vehicles, providing a high level of care and detail to ensure you get repair services that are second to none.

St Kilda Village’s accident repair centre is conveniently situated in Windsor, Melbourne. Whenever you’re in need, our professional repair team is nearby and always ready to assist in providing professional car dent removal and repair services.

Few cars get through life without a scrape or dent. What truly matters is choosing the right repair service providers. Not all car dents need to be costly and time consuming. Whether you have small dents or severe damages to your bumpers or anything in between, St Kilda Village will provide you with top grade vehicle repair services at great value prices.


Car dent removal costs vary, depending on the make and model of your car. After assessing your vehicle for dents and damages, our team will provide you a competitive quote for your repair dents and removal costs. We’ll advise you of any insurance claims that will help you with your costs and make sure you’re always getting the best rates in car dent repair and removal services.

Every dent on an auto is unique, and there are other aspects to consider before an average cost of dent repair or other work can be quoted. These may include:

  • If the dent is less in size than a sheet of A4 paper
  • If the dent or damage hasn’t punctured a panel
  • If the damage is to the bonnet or roof
  • If there are any scratches or marks around the dent, or on it

The dedication we show towards our St Kilda Village customers, and our passion for automobiles sets us apart from other Melbourne panel beaters.

We’ve built a trustworthy reputation as a leading car dent and accident repair service provider in Melbourne, including the suburbs of Windsor, St Kilda, Prahran, South Yarra and nearby.



Car body dents can be removed and repaired without any effect on the paintwork. At St Kilda Village, you won’t ever need to be concerned about needing to respray or repaint your vehicle after dent damages. Paintless dent removal, otherwise known as PDR removes the damage caused by bumps and scratches, dents, scrapes, chips, and scores without any need to repaint the vehicle. PDR has been a trusted method of body repair and panel beating that’s been around for 40 or more years.

Our paintless dent repair services are carried out by our team of experienced, professional and helpful repairers. Any interior trims will be removed, and the panel will be reshaped to its proper form with much care taken not to crack the paint seal. Repairs can be made to doors, bumpers, bonnets, fenders, roof turrets and boot lids.


Hail can hit at the most unexpected of times. Your car can easily be covered in dents caused by hail damage in a matter of a few minutes, leaving your vehicle severely damaged. We’ve encountered many calls for assistance regarding hail dent and removal repairs, and have promptly serviced our clients every time. If you’re in need of hail dent repair and removal, St Kilda Village panel beaters are the experts you can rely on. We’ll advise you on things such as the costs of repairing your vehicle’s hail damage, to whether the damage is worth repairing or if it means the car has to be written off – this would be only in severe cases.

If your car or any car is left outside, it’s prone to weather damage, but it’s the size of the hailstones in a hailstorm that do the most damage. At St Kilda Village, we’ll help assess your vehicle’s hail damage and provide you with the best value repair services and options available.

If you’ve had an accident your car needs prompt, professional panel beating and body repairs at a convenient, economic cost.  If you’ve searched the internet for ‘car dent repair near me’, St Kilda Village panel beaters are the experts to call on (03) 9510 9037



Dents and scratches left untreated can lessen the value of your car, ruin the aesthetics, and leave it open to rust. Scratch and dent removal is crucial, so if your car is damaged you should have it repaired as soon as possible. St Kilda Village panel beaters use modern tools and techniques such as paintless dent repair and removal and if necessary, traditional spray painting.


Minor small dents can still be understandably frustrating and disappointing, especially if your car is brand new. Whether you’ve experienced small dents on your cars from shopping trolleys, other car doors scratching your car, to scrapes as drivers leave without taking care, we’ll assist in all your dent repair and removal needs. At St Kilda Village, we can repair all dents, large or small, wherever they occur.

At St Kilda Village, we’ll ease your stresses by taking care of your vehicle’s small dents, bumps, and repairs in no time at competitive prices. Our services are available for standard vehicles as well as a range of luxury and prestige makes/models.


At St Kilda Village, we are car body repair specialists for luxury and prestige cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rovers and Volvo. Our superior quality car dent removal and repair services include scratch, body holes, severe and light smash repairs, and much more. If you’ve been searching online for ‘vehicle dent removal near me’ or ‘dent repair services around my area’, St Kilda Village is your local, trusted, and professional nearby Melbourne panel beating service provider that is ready to handle all your needs. To find out more, call us today on (03) 9510 9037 or email info@stkildavillage.com.