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Car Smash Repairs

Predicting when car smashes are going to occur is beyond us as yet, but if you are unfortunate enough to have an accident, you can trust the service you will receive at St Kilda Auto Repairs.

St Kilda technicians provide premium car smash repairs to all makes and models, and your vehicle will be brought back to its original condition, running perfectly and ensuring the safety of your car is not compromised. St Kilda Village Auto Repairs use genuine parts, the correct equipment and the best professional mechanics.

Looking for local, affordable and high-quality smash repairs? St Kilda Village Auto Repairs mechanics are the experts in auto smash and car repairs – servicing Melbourne, South Melbourne, Malvern and surrounding areas.

Auto Smash Repairs

St Kilda Village Auto Repairs originally specialised in SAAB and European cars, and now our auto smash repairs cover all makes and models. We have access to a wide range of genuine auto parts and that includes those for all the big brands. If you need auto smash repairs, you can be assured that our repair facility meets our firm standards for safety, workmanship and integrity and your expectations of exceptional service will be met.

Whether you need car smash repairs, want to improve your car’s performance, or maintain it for your family’s safety, at St Kilda Village Auto Repairs our professionals provide quality repairs and maintenance.

Auto Body Smash Repairs

At St Kilda Village, our technicians are experts at auto body smash repairs on all car makes and models and we use strictly genuine parts to maintain an exact fit and perfect functionality using precise craftsmanship. We use the exact equipment relevant to your car make and model, including paints, parts, tools and approved chassis alignment.

Our highly skilled and qualified technicians have received advanced training to ensure the repairs, body work and duco are done with precision, care and commitment. Whether it’s a surface scratch or a major smash, make sure your car is always repaired by St Kilda Village Auto Repairs.

Smash Repairs Quote

If you’re searching for local ‘smash repairs near me’ or ‘nearby’, don’t scroll past St Kilda Village if you’re looking for affordable, premium workmanship and service. We offer free courtesy cars and a lifetime guarantee, so there’s no reason to change your routine because your car’s in for repairs. If you need a smash repairs quote, call us at St Kilda Village Auto Repairs on (03) 9510 9037 or email us at stkildaauto@hotmail.com